Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What a Stud!

Another successful Daddy-Daughters weekend! Last weekend (not this past one), Jessica spent three nights in Boise and left me and the girls home to play--with very few rules and "sleep-overs" every night. We call it our "weekend of YES".

We went swimming, went to Lagoon, prepared our garden, and watched "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" twice. Finally, the girls have discovered some princesses (Narnian Queens) with a little fight in them (and thankfully, a lot less "priss").

When Jessica came home, the announcement was made--"Rylee was Queen Lucy, Tayler was Queen Susan, I was the High King Peter, and Jayson was King Edmund". Unfortunately, that left only one main female character (sorry Honey). Jessica was the White Witch. Everyone in the kingdom was excited Sunday night when the White Witch and King Edmund arrived back in town. However, much to Queen Susan and Queen Lucy's dismay, the White Witch swept into town and put a stop to the sleep-overs. "Everyone back to your own bedroom!" she ordered that evening with an evil cackle (added for story-telling emphasis). "Don't worry," the High King quietly reassured them, "if we have enough hope, Aslan might return and bring sleep-overs back to Narnia".

Now, to the pierced ears. Queen Susan wanted her ears pierced. Even when I told her how much it would hurt, she couldn't be dissuaded. What a brave Queen. She thought it would be fun to surprise her mom (I think I will stop referring to her as the White Witch, lest I become permanently banished from Cair Paravel) by getting her ears pierced while she was gone. Jess had once told me that we would pierce Tayler's ears when she wanted them done. The time had come. So I made an executive decree, "Off to the Mall"! Queen Susan wanted her birth stone studs. So let it be.
She was brave.
Not even a flinch.
Queen Lucy, on the other hand, fearing for the safety of her own lobes, informed me, as she hugged the comfort teddy bear, "Me no want my ears pierced Daddy". No worries.

Jessica was surprised (well, sort of) and thankfully not mad. Lucy couldn't keep the secret. She tried to tell Jess Saturday afternoon on the phone--but I yanked it away. The secret safe for the time being.

But the first words out of her mouth when Jess got home were, "Tayler pierced her ears". So much for surprises.


Joey & nettifer said...

Way to go dad on a succesful weekend! I am Jess' internet friend!
You are an awesome fun dad!

Steve and Jenny Moore said...

It has taken several days to fill in the moat surrounding our peaceful castle in Boise after the onslaught of attacks from the White Witch. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the ‘reprieve’ and ‘weekend of yes’ with the young queens, though you are much braver to attempt something like piercing than this Northern king.

My musings alone will earn me lashings from the White Witch’s protective sister but perhaps it is worth the turmoil to stand strong.


King Steve of the North

Steve and Jenny Moore said...

High King Peter I think you're an awesome dad!!! What a great weekend for you and the girls! Thanks so much for sharing your wife with me...I do love to see her!
There will be no lashings from the white witch's sister with regards to King Steve's comments!

Maria said...

Well done, King Peter, well done! It sounds like you really know how to have a blast with those little darlings of yours. It's fun to read your perspective on things. :)

Julie said...

Great blog Sean!

SeeTheSunshine said...

You are a great dad! My dad freaked out when I wanted to get my ears pierced when I was 12!


simply kris said...

I love that you did this! I am always a fan of those who push the limits and break the rules just a bit. You pierced Tay~ I bought sod. We are Team Rebel. Now, who else can get to join the ranks of mayhem?