Saturday, November 1, 2008

Haunted by Halloweens Past

Halloween got me thinking about a little trend of regrets from some of my costumes of the past...

I have a memory of an elementary school superman costume. I remember struggling in the bathroom stall to put on my blue tights properly. I also remember, at that very moment, wishing I had chosen a different costume.

I remember a halloween during high school, where one of my best friends Keith escorted me to a Halloween party/dance at the stake center. I say "escorted" because I was his date. He was a real gentleman. He even helped me in and out of the car. My mom helped me with my costume. It came complete with long-haired wig, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick. Cute little blouse. Short skirt. High heels and nylons or tights (not sure which one, not sure I really know the difference). I was very thin back then and frighteningly cute (at least on that night) if I must say so. It took quite a while before people realized who I really was.
The slow dancing was nice.
Keith only got a hug at the doorstep. After all, it was only our first date.
All-in-all....not sure that night was my finest moment.

Halloween 2005.
Worst costume decision to date.
We were invited to a costume party at a neighbor's house. I had refused to go the year before, since I couldn't decide on a costume, so I ended up baby sitting a bunch of neighbor kids. Jess went without me.
This time I told Jess I would go with her to the party if she found me a costume.
Momentary lapse in judgement.
I came home from work to a Kimono, flip flops, a parasol, wig, and face makeup.
Geisha girl.
Correction...Geisha girl that looks like a really bad imitation of Boy George.

I made quite an impression that night. Several of the neighbor guys pretended to flirt with me throughout the evening. I did win best costume.
And got a few phone numbers.

This is what I saw when I looked closely in the mirror. Kinda freaked me out. Must've freaked out a few others. A year later, several people brought this up in their testimonies during church one sunday. Nice.

The kids were creeped out--and scared. They got used to me enough to pose for our 2005 Family Halloween picture. Rylee was the cute little lamby. Tayler was a little Tiger (or "Tigger" in her mind), Jess was whatever it is that costume was, and I was a creepy-looking, anything-but-feminine, Geisha girl.

Coincidently, that was the last Halloween I have dressed up for. Next time I dress up--no lipstick, no tights, no skirts, no kimonos.

I might use the parasol though.


Jenny Moore said...

Think of it this way will be one of things that people will never forget!!
We think you're awesome for doing it!!

Emily Dixon said...

You werent the only one to walk right by and have no idea who I was on Halloween night!! I kept wondering why it seemed like everyone was chatting with Tina and not me?? LOL I have to admit it was a blast though! By the way, I love this post and glad I got to see the pictures !

Maria said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm so glad you posted those pictures. You seriously rock.

Way to be secure in your manhood.