Thursday, April 22, 2010


We were sitting by the computer, chilling as a family.
Jess referred me to a picture she was looking at of our family vacation to Southern California a few years ago. She told me, "Sean, check out this picture and look at how far you've come".
I pulled up the picture.

I must admit, it was a little weird to look at. Kinda made me sick to my stomach.
It got a little more awkward when Rylee wandered over to the monitor.

Rylee (all matter-of-fact): "Oh my gosh you're fat!"

Thanks Rylee.

The only Rylee moment more precious than that was when we were sitting in the chapel right after sacrament meeting a few years back. Rylee's primary teacher was about 9 months pregnant and talking with Jessica. As she walked away, Jessica was telling Rylee that her teacher was about to have a baby, and that she had a baby in her tummy.

Rylee promptly turned to me, pointed to my stomach, and asked, "When are you going to have your baby?"

Once again, Thanks Rylee.


Jess said...

lol! she is a peach for sure! you do look amazing & I am proud of you.

wow, Jax looks so much like Jayson in that picture.

Jenny Moore said...

Well at least we all know where we stand with Rylee!! Good and bad! :)
You look AMAZING and should be proud of all you've done!!! Congrats!!!

Julie said...

Love Rylee, she cracks me up!

It is quite impressive what you have done. Way to go!