Thursday, April 17, 2008

Family Night at Chelsea Park

Tay. Happy to have chicken nuggets and fries. Again.

Jayson, waits for another piece of french fry.

Jessica. Hurries home and crops herself out of the picture to ensure she avoids the posting. (Jess, you're the only one who reads it anyway).

Rylee--willing to pose (or do anything) to get out of finishing her dinner.

The Routine is Back

It's amazing how fast kids can develop good habits. Much faster than their parents. I was downstairs watching The Office tonight when Rylee came down and said, "Daddy, read Book Mormon". How could I forget that it was time to curl up with my favorite little girls and read Book of Mormon stories. We read about Nephi and his fam crossing the ocean in the ship. Like always, the Lord delivered them to the promise land.

When we finished I ask if they want one more story. OK, but Rylee has one condition--"We still sing songs?" Fair trade.

The usual selections...

Rylee: "I Love to See the Temple".

Tayler: "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree". Strategically selected. When daddy raises his hands to his eyes in order to "look out the window", Tay tickles him under the arms. Rylee joins the assault. The trick that works every time and never gets old (well, almost never). Of course daddy gets them back. Mommy runs in to quiet her three kids so we don't wake up the baby. Oops. Maybe we shouldn't do Book of Mormon stories right by the nursery from now on???

The read-sing-pray routine has started (again). An old habit has been retrieved from the pile of broken resolutions. Hopefully daddy won't ever be dumb enough (again) to break the routine.

Jess taught me how to play "kitchen dodgeball" after dinner tonight with her and the girls. It's really fun. Of course I'm the only one who doesn't throw like a girl. At least that's what I've been telling myself since grade school...


Jess said...

that was a fun night! good thing i cropped that picture-- it was UG!

the girls love the routine with their daddy! you do need to not be so noisy though-- :) just kidding!

love you!

simply kris said...

I love routines. You know your kiddos are going to take these memories with them and cherish their Dad for Making Time. Like your Clock says, CHERISH TIME. So, many meanings...

kourtney said...

I'm Kris' sister.
What a fun night, but I heard the fam night last night was one to beat. What an amazing object lesson.

Julie said...

Whatever Sean, I read your blog, too! It just takes me a long while to catch up on reading everyones!!! I love your stories!

simply kris said...

changed my blog address to: i'm living realistically

Jess said...

you are so fired! It's time to post again babe!