Saturday, April 12, 2008


It finally felt like Spring on a Saturday again. Last week and the week before were freeeezing!

I played soccer mom again today (sans a minivan). Tayler is really starting to love soccer. She scores at least once every game.

Last week Rylee got the hang of kicking the ball with me. She wanted to do it again today. Had to keep her from going out on the field a few times. She kept wanting to score a goal while the game was going on.

Jayson watched the whole thing from his stroller (well, sort of) or cuddled up with his grandma Shayla. Grandpa and Grandma came to the game to see Tay play. She scored a goal for them right away.

Jess had to work this morning (I guess someone needs to bring home the bacon around here) so I was Daddy Day Care. Poor kids. It's much more fun when mommy is around.


Sean said...

sweetheart-- i am so proud of my little soccer mom! You do great work while I am gone.

Tha picture of Tayler scoring the goal is awesome. See you can take pictures and keep track of the kids all at the same time. very impressive.

love you!

Jess said...

oops- that was me :)

simply kris said...

Sean! You are a blogger!!!! Do you have any favorite sites yet? Love to hear how involved you are with the kiddos. Great Dad! Did I ever tell you how lucky I AM to know your wife? She is on my favorite people list! Please tell her that she is adored because she is genuine.

Julie said...

Way to go Sean! Great blog!

Tay and Rylee, I am so excited that you are little soccer players... you go girls!

Steve and Jenny Moore said...

Sean I love the are a great dad! Your kiddos are lucky to have you!
Give Jess a big hug for me...I know she's having a hard time and I want to give her one myself but unfortunatly that's not to be right now.