Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Parrot

We play two games as a family (minus Jayson). Angelina Ballerina Uno (Uno with the dancing mouse, Angelina Ballerina--the colors are pastel pink, blue, green, and yellow) and Sequence for kids. Sometimes we play as a family (minus Jayson and Rylee). It depends on our patience level.

Rylee can engage in serious game play for about two minutes. Then she's gotta mess around. She will go out of turn. She will place her chips (in Sequence) on an animal that isn't one of the cards she drew. Or she will try to secretly, or not-so-secretly depending on her mood, switch chips with someone else's on the board. My favorite, until tonight, was when she leaned back and put her bare foot up on the table. She then put the cards in her hand between her toes and held her "hand" of cards with her feet. Nice.

Each time we ask her if she wants to play, she promises us that she will not be silly. But it lasts only a short time.

Tonight she did better than she has for a long time. She lasted through 3 games of sequence and four hands on Uno (she won three of the four rounds of Uno). She celebrated her victories by quietly climbing up on my right shoulder to sit. As she perched up there, she turned to me and said, "I a parrot".

OK. Game over.

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Jenny Moore said...

Cutest darn parrot I've ever seen!!
Does she ask for chocolate milk and Doritos instead of a cracker?!!!