Sunday, January 17, 2010

Boys Night at Dollar Cuts

So Chubbs (Jayson) and I headed to Dollar Cuts.
He was really excited to go, but got nervous as they put the protective cape (complete with multicolored fishies) around his neck.
They cut my hair simultaneously in the chair next to his.

Hairstylist One: "You look so cute Jayson, just like your daddy" (Seriously, I know you are just angling for a big tip. But no just earned it).
Jayson: "Yes, I cute" (he gets his confidence from his mother)
Hairstylist Two: "You are such a big boy Jayson"
Jayson: "Yes, I a big boy".

Unfortunately they finished my cut (since I have less hair) before Jaysons. When he saw that I was finished he declared the same for himself, "I done" and proceeded to start yanking off the protective cape.
Fortunately, Hairstylist One was able to coax Jayson to remain in the chair through the promise of using styling gel in his hair "just like your daddy has". It worked.
As we exited dollar cuts, the hairstylists all said goodbye to Jayson. He blew them all kisses (seems to be his thing, and it seems to work).
Then my little Momma's Boy prattled all the way home about how excited he was to show his "Mommy" and "Tay Tay" and "Ry Pie". When we got home, they weren't there, so we took pictures for them instead.


Shelly said...

So cute! Mike got released from both of his callings today and is getting a new one. I will tell you after it is official.

Maria said...

Too cute! Love the self-portraits!!

Jenny Moore said...

Love the haircuts!!