Sunday, January 17, 2010

Memorable Moments from the Weekend

At the drive thru window of Pace's:
Rylee: That girl (the one at the drive up window) is really pretty
Tayler: Not as pretty as mommy.
Me: Of course not Tay....Also, don't forget to tell your mommy I said that. If you forget, I'll have to post it on my blog.

Me: Jess, sorry the fog is so thick tonight. You won't be able to see our shirtless backyard neighbor wandering through his blind-less house with huge windows.
Jess: What? (feigning confusion and misunderstanding at what I had said). I've never even noticed!
Me: Right....too bad he's a pilot and not a fireman.
Jess: looks like a fireman to me.
(Disclaimer: the re-telling of this interactment might be slightly imbellished. Slightly.)

At Energy Solutions Arena:
Found out that my dear bride has a little thing for Kyle Korver.For her sake, I won't tell you what she said. (Hint: Think Masha Kirelinko's "pass").

Tayler (speaking to me):
"Mommy, do you think...I mean, Dad, do you think..."
Me: "Do you ever make that same mistake and call your mother, Dad?"
Tay: "No"

Came home from the Jazz game Saturday to a homemade "Service Box" Tayler had created, complete with little slips of paper.
Each one has an idea for a "random" act of service.
For example: Do someone else's "chores" (I think "Ma" taught little "Half-pint" what the word "chore" meant while "Pa" was "in town" picking up sugar, salt, and flour at the "Olson's General Store"--I often still reflect on life lessons learned from Ma, Pa, and Laura on Little House On the Prairie).
Give someone a hug
Make someone's bed
It's very refreshing to know that Tayler is thoughtful enough for the rest of us.

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