Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Dreams

I was awakened last night abruptly about 1 am due to severe lower intestinal discomfort that required immediate attention.

However severe the discomfort, it paled in comparison to the annoyance I felt when I realized I wasn't really competing in the gold medal match in co-ed (apparently, since I was in board shorts instead of a tiny bikini) beach vollyball in Beijing with my teammate Misty May. I was playing out of my mind too. The gold medal was ours for sure.

Interesting, with my love of swiming, that I wasn't anchoring Michael Phelps in the 4 x 100 freestyle relay against the French instead. After all, I am clutch.

Maybe it's better though. My intense lower intestinal discomfort in the middle of a crucial olympic relay leg may have muddied the water a bit for Michael Phelps and his quest for the record 8 gold medals.


Jess said...

that is disgusting!

Sharla said...

Ok, this is hilarious!!! I'm laughing out loud. It's about as good as when Kjersti had a dream about mom competing in figure skating wearing a black bikini.