Friday, August 29, 2008

Breakfast with Tay

I didnt' work today. For various reasons.
Started the morning instead with my family.
Actually, started the day a little ahead of my family. Three of them take full advantage of every minute of beauty sleep (look at the results, how can I complain about that?) and Jayson's just lazy.

Thought I would clean the kitchen and living room before Jess got up. I made dinner last night and didn't get it all cleaned up. When Jess got home from shopping with Tay, I made her come downstairs and watch a movie with me. It took all the strength she had to watch the movie with me instead of deep cleaning the kitchen. She's like that. I'm not. In the story of Mary and Martha from the New Testament, she's a lot like Martha. I'm a lot not like Martha.

When Jess and Tay got up, Tay came down all ready for school and had breakfast with me. First grade is such a fun stage in life. She doesn't have a care in the world. Her biggest decision today was whether she wanted the school-provided cheese sandwich lunch or a mother-packed lunch from home. Every day Jess tries to talk her into eating school lunch. Every day Tayler chooses cold lunch from hope, usually a seve course meal packed with love. Today was no different. She opted for the Jessica special. Tough decision complete.

Let the fun begin. She told me about four jokes during breakfast--each one followed by her trademark giggle. What a happy girl.
Unfortunately, the carpool honked. Tay grabbed her backpack and headed for the door. "See you when I get home Daddy! I love you!"

I showed Rylee the DVD I picked out last night for her and Tay. "Hannah Montana and Mylee Cyrus in concert". Big mistake. Had to listen to Rylee performing "It's the Best of Both Worlds" all morning long into her plastic microphone. Completely off key. Blairing the few words she knows at the top of her lungs over, and over, and over. She can hardly wait till Tay comes home and the concert starts. She tried to talk us into an early showing sans Tay, but it was a no-go. Jess wouldn't budge. Good try Rylee. Her natural tendency is to look out for number one.

Just for fun Jess sent Jayson out to see me in a diaper and muscle shirt/wife-beater. Yep--It's a white trash breakfast at the Dunroes. Look for him in an upcoming episode of Cops being domestically abused by Rylee. Course, she'll probably cover her eyes and put herself in timeout before the cops arrive. Our little self-disciplinarian.


Jenny Moore said...

So it's all the "beauty sleep" huh? Does it work for all that try it? I think I need to get me some of that!!! I do have to agree that you have a beautiful wife and girls!!
Love Hannah/Rylee...she's the cutest!

Emmy said...

That's a nice look for you Rylee! I love that you like to torture your daddy also with Hannah Montanna!