Sunday, August 10, 2008

Smash This! French Guy

I doubt any of the two people who read my blog care much about swimming, but tonight the Americans won the greatest relay in history.
The French came into the 4 x 100 freestyle relay heavily favored to win. Their anchor is the current world-record holder and grade-A trash-talker Alain (surnamed something French). He promised his relay team would "smash the Americans". On paper, the French were heavy favorites. In Michael Phelps quest to beat Mark Spitz's olympic record for gold medals, this was predicted to be the toughest conquest.
Phelps led off with an American record time but the French passed the next two American swimmers and held a half-body length lead heading into the final leg. The problem was the US anchor, Jason Leizak had to try to catch the current world record holder Alain "trash-talking" (French last name). Impossible. Especially after Alain extended the lead to a full body length heading into the turn.
However, Leizak did the unthinkable. He caught Alain in the last 10 meters and touched him out at the wall. Leizak swam the fastest 100 meter relay split in history. The Americans destroyed their own world record and beat the French by .07 seconds. So long Frenchies! The Americans celebrated the unbelievable win. The French stood silent in dazed disbelief (then promptly surrendered).
It really was something to behold. Amazing!


Brent & Ashley said...

I love the Olympics!

Jenny Moore said...

I love swimming!! Since I've been swimming for exercise I have a new found respect and admiration for what these swimmers do and how easy they make it look!!
I posted a similar blog after watching the race Sunday night!!!
Go USA!!!

Maria said...

Proud to be an AMERICAN!! (It's strange how I somehow feel like us watching is contributing to their success...I just KNOW it!)