Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rylee's "Special" Place

Rylee has a special place she goes whenever she's in trouble or feels embarrassed. It's a simple escape. She covers both eyes with her hands. It must allow her to momentarily escape from an awkward situation. She has only been going there the past few weeks, but it's becoming a more and more frequent hiding place.

On Saturday morning I watched her poke Jayson in the eye. He started crying so she immediately put herself in "time out" on the love seat in the living room. You've got to hand it to her for being "self-disciplined". When I went into the living room to talk to her about it, she put both hands up over her eyes and didn't respond to my questions. "Um...I can still see you Rylee".
At some point during sacrament meeting, Jessica had to take Jayson out. Rylee followed thirty seconds later, but knew she shouldn't be. So she picked up one of Jayson's toys and used it to help cover both eyes. She sheepishly walked up the aisle and towards the front side door of the chapel with both hands--and Jayson's greenish, pink, noisy, floppy butterfly toy--covering her eyes. "Don't worry Rylee. None of the 300 people seated in back of you can see what you're doing".

At first I thought Rylee's special place was a strange behavior. I now choose to find it charming. I also sorta envy her. How many times in my life could I have benefited from being able to cover my eyes with my hands to remove embarrassment or accountability? I'm going to learn a lesson from Rylee. Next time one of the following uncomfortable or awkward situations presents itself, I'm going to cover my eyes, put on an innocent smile, and sit there quietly, acting like nothing is happening.

1) At work--"Sean, have you finished that project I mentioned in passing a few months ago (and haven't asked about since)? I need it right now."
2) (In front of a large group of people, with Rylee poking me in the belly) "Daddy, are you pregnant?"
3) "Dad, Jayson won't give me my Pink PollyPocket car!!!" (Jayson, please play with the dumptruck instead. Please?)

4) "Brother Dunroe, can we come by in twenty minutes to hometeach your family?" (Request made on the last day of the month)
5) "Sean. You better help your daughter." (Suggestion from a chuckling brother-in-law as Rylee has suddenly decided she needs to go to the bathroom and is slowly shuffling across the crowded waiting area of the Olive Garden with her shorts and underwear down around her ankles)
6) "Hey, look Honey! When you put this pink bow in his hair, he looks just like Tayler did as a baby."
7) "Raise your hands if you can make yourself available to help the Johnson's move. They're the family moving into the third floor apartment on 4th street."
8) "Dad, do you know who ate my cupcake I was saving on the kitchen counter?" (tears welling up in Tayler's big blue eyes)
9) "Great. Another blowout! Tayler, will you take Jayson into dad and have him change his diaper?"
10) Or three minutes later...."Daddy, why are you gagging?"
11) "Dad, Bethany's throwing up!!!" (warning provided as the neighbor girl runs towards me, across our living room carpet, hand over her mouth in a feable attempt to catch the mess, and I'm the only adult in the house)
12) "Um Dad. When mommy took Jayson out, Rylee pulled down her skirt (and underwear) during Sacrament meeting. Twice"
13) "Who tracked in the mud from the garden? ARGHHH...I just barely mopped the floor!"
14) "...Now raise your hands if you can take the 12 hour shift at the Ogden Cannery starting at 4 am on Tuesday"
15) "Do these pants make my butt look big? Seriously. Tell me the truth."
16) "Sweetheart, I cannot believe you posted that on your blog!!!"


simply kris said...

i'm rollin'!!! i pictured you with covered eyes after every example. good post, sean! and just so you know, I am not presently floating in the pool w/ the puter.

Steve and Jenny Moore said...

Another great post Sean...thanks for the laughs!