Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Idiot Tooth Fairy

Riley is at the "copy big sister" stage of development. If Tayler does it, so will Rylee. If Tayler wants one, so does Rylee.
When Tayler approached me about a note for the Tooth Fairy, Rylee wasn't far behind. I had only begun writing Tayler's note when Rylee thrust a tattered piece of colored paper in front of me so I would write her one too. Tayler was concerned about the ramifications of Rylee's note, after all, Rylee hasn't lost a tooth yet. Would this be too much of a waste of time for the Tooth Fairy?
On Rylee's note we wrote, "Dear Tooth Fairy, I haven't yet lost any teeth, but I can't wait until I do. Love Rylee".
Problem was, the Tooth Fairy forgot to check for the note under Rylee's pillow.
It was there, waiting to be read. When Tay put her note under her pillow, Rylee did the same.
Thankfully, Jess cleared it all up in the morning so both girls were apparently satisfied.

One Rylee side note:
Apparently, I must "march" off to work each day. When Rylee imitates me, she puts my work ID badge around her neck and states in her deepest voice, "I go to work. I go to work" (while she marches--high stepping--around the kitchen). She laughs as she marches around the table--especially when I try to catch her.
Strange thing is, from my perspective, it feels like I drag out of here each day. Ne'er do I remember anything close to "marching" off to work.


Jess said...

she is a funny girl. Hey honey- you spelled Rylee's name 2 different ways in your block. Do we need to have a lesson on your childrens spellings.. since they are a wee bit out of the norm.

Loved the blog. I think you should march out of here every day (even if we aren't watching).

Steve and Jenny Moore said...

Don't be too hard on the toothfairy! Even perfect "superheros" have off moments!!!
I love to picture Rylee high stepping around the kitchen...she is such a funny little person!