Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Journey--Entry 1

Well, I'm making progress again.
I've been on a journey to lose weight for a number of years and have been very successful at losing weight. It's just keeping it off that's a challenge.

Of course, I have lost the same 20 or 30 pounds at least 20 times since I returned home from my mission, but I always gain it back (often with a little extra).

This time I am planning on a different outcome. So far, so good. I'm down 18 pounds since I started. I'm not quite ready to announce my actual weight on the blog, I think I'll wait until I;m closer to reaching my first milestone. Suffice it to say--this journey's gonna be long. My first milestone is 50 pounds. If I can do that, I can do the rest. So far, I'm down 18. 32 more to go. I'm trying to take it slow and steady--eat better, decrease my portions, and exercise at least once a day (sometimes twice).

I'm gonna hit that first milestone. Hopefully by the end of October--October 27th to be exact. The question is, what am I gonna do to celebrate when I get there? Eat?


Jenny Moore said...

You could win a trip to Boise!!!!! Or we could come celebrate with you and "bowl"!!!

Cherie said...

Hello I am Jenny's and Jess's friend Cherie. I totally love your blog - You are a GREAT writer!

Anyway, this post really got me because losing weight is such a hard thing.

The goal that everyone always wants is the food. "If I lose 20 pounds I can have a piece a cheesecake, etc." Which totally defeats the whole purpose.

So plan to do something that you normally wouldn't do or couldn't do because of extra weight or lack of energy or whatever. With 50 lbs gone go climb a the highest climbing wall you can climb or do that parachuting thing they do at the point of the mountain, something along those lines!

Good Luck!