Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Little Buddy is One!

Being raised as the only boy with four sisters took its toll. My parents finally had another boy when I was 15, but it seemed a little too late for me. I also grew up feeling a lot of pressure that there is not another son to carry on the Dunroe family name (at least not from this branch of the tree).

I was so excited when Jayson arrived. One year later, I can hardly believe it. He is the happiest little guy I have ever met. When he gets really excited, he flaps his arms and laughs really loud. This picture below captures him laughing, flapping, and walking towards me (quite the multi-tasker).

Happy Birthday Buddy! We are sure glad to have you in our family. Especially me. There has been quite an imbalance of estrogen and emotion in this little household. Thanks for balancing things out a bit. Can't wait till mom decides we can bring you home a little brother!


Jenny Moore said...

Way cute!! I'm glad that you finally got a boy and started the boy trend in the family!!!
He is a cutie and the happiest little one I know!!

Maria said...

So cute! And this post is just like you, Sean...always wanting to get that one little nudge in for Jess to read...haha