Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who is Jim and why is he back?

So Jess has been talking a lot about some guy named Jim. I overheard her two days ago on the phone telling a friend.
Not sure if I should be worried or not. She says she has just started going to Jim's again?
When did she used to go to Jim's?
I don't remember her going to Jim's since we've been married.
Apparently she's gone over to Jim's two or three times in the past week.
Supposedly Jim makes her feel really good.
This Jim claims he's gonna help her lose weight. What guy says that to a girl? (I tell her she looks great just the way she is.)
The weirdest part is that last night she actually admitted to me how excited she is to be hanging out at Jim's on a regular basis again. She says she now has more energy and is a lot happier.

Maybe I need my own Jim.
Or maybe I should start spending more time at Ms. Pool's.
Haven't hung out with her much since high school.


Jess said...

that's right baby.. take a step back. Jim and I will absolutely be spending more time together. Don't be jealous. You'll thank him later ;)

Jenny Moore said...

I want to meet this Jim guy!!!
Do you think I could find one?!