Saturday, July 12, 2008

My (Much) Better Half Is Back

Yeah--Jess and the kids came home last night!!! They have been in Idaho at Jess' sister's (Jenny) house. I flew home early Monday morning and they stayed until last night. I have really missed Jess and am so glad to have her home.

The greeting I received from each of my kids re-emphasized the importance of each relationship in my life:

She shyly came down the stairs to the basement (where I had been watching SportCenter) with a card she had made with a picture of us playing soccer. The soccer ball is purple, both of us have blue hair, and a green sun is in the upper left corner. Above the picture she had written the following: "You rae my best Dad. I (heart) U". On the back is written "Dad I love you".
She immediately told me of a surprise she had for me. I told Jess I would unload the Yukon and I had a bubble bath ready for her so she could recover from the five hour drive with the three Crazy's.
Taylor went to help me, anxious to show me her surprise. Boy was I surprised. She had bought a crown-shaped jewelry box at the dollar store. She was so excited to show me. But I could tell by the look on her face that the surprise was about to get better. She pulled out three pairs of earings and held them up for me to see. With a twinkle in her eyes she exclaimed, "Mom bought me these earings at Ross. Aren't you just sooo excited?" I sure was.
Twenty steps later as she was entering the house through the garage door she turned and asked, "Don't you think I should go put them on?"
Absolutely. I should have thought of that myself.
Five steps later, the rule-abiding, always obedient Taylor turned again and asked, "Are you sure it's been six weeks?" The lady at the ear piercing had said six weeks, and Taylor intends to wait exactly six weeks.

He couldn't stop laughing. His four new top teeth are halfway in and very noticeable as he laughs. Jess had him show me how he could walk. He stumbles forward, stops, turns around, starts walking faster and faster until he topples over. Then he bear-crawls in a circle--around and around and around, laughing the entire time. Looks like someone's glad to be home.

The first one down the stairs to meet me in the basement. She jumps to me and wraps her arms and legs around me in a huge bear hug. "Hi Daddy! We been in Boise at Jenny's!"
Thanks Rylee. I wondered where you guys have been all week. Now I know.


Steve and Jenny Moore said...

Those greetings were sure cute. I'm glad that they made it safe and sound...we sure had fun and I miss all of their cute little faces and personalities.

Jess said...

thanks babe! That was a cute little post. We sure missed you too.