Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pilates Snob

So I went to my second Pilates class last night.
It was twice as hard as the first one I went to two weeks ago. Almost nothing we did was the same as last time. I have a feeling I might be real sore today.

Last time I noticed there were several people in class that brought their own mats to class. I figured they were either disgusted by the thought of laying down where countless others have been sweating, or they are part of an elitist group of empowered new-age fitness gurus that I refer to simply as "Pilates snobs".

Well, guess who joined the club. That's right, last night I brought my own mat to class. I didn't buy the mat specifically for Pilates, I actually bought it so I could practice sit-ups at home when I was in Boot Camp several months ago. I must have been using it so much that Jess hid it under the bed--which was where I found it last night as I was putting something away (believe it or not--Jess has approved "under-the-bed" as an appropriate storage place for a few of my items).
My mat even has a little handle strap, with a loop at each end (to keep it rolled up in a nice little roll), for convenient transport to and from class.

Bringing my mat to class filled me with a new sense of confidence in my Pilates abilities. I was, however, able to set that confidence aside during class time--particularly when I found myself to be less coordinated now than I was two weeks ago. But I discovered as I rolled up my mat at the end of class, tucked it into the loops, put the strap over my shoulder and slipped on my flip-flops (another sign that you are a hard-core Pilates disciple--wearing flip-flops to the gym), the arrogance came rushing back.

Hi, my name is Sean and I'm a Pilates Snob. If you ever need to borrow a mat for Pilates or Yoga, I have one in the back of my car. That's right. Pilates. Anywhere, anytime. Bring it on.


Steve and Jenny Moore said...

Keep on writing Sean...they are a daily highlight!!
We miss you here. Thanks for letting them all stay, we're having a great time!!

Maria said...

I LOVE your pilates excerpts...:) But right now, I'm mostly interested in what items Jess allows you to store under the bed. Cory has a fox pelt under his side, and he just found his "Lost" water shoes there yesterday... Do YOU know what's under your bed?