Monday, June 30, 2008

Happily Ever After

All of Rylee's "pretending" about going on her date night with Jess paid off. Jess and Rylee went bowling--and then (surprised gasp) shopping.

That left me home with Tay and Jayson. We headed downstairs to the theater to watch a bad movie. This one's rated G for deception and lies, drunkeness, violence, witchcraft, black magic, illegal drug use, mean language, "adult themes", romance, and a big wet kiss at the end (it's OK though, they are engaged). Perfect for Tayler.

I have two favorite parts:
When Sleeping Beauty meets the prince for the first time in the forest, Tayler and I dance around the room and sing "Once Apon a Dream"--like we are meeting for the first time.

When Sleeping Beauty touches the pointy part of the spinning wheel and collapses to the ground; so does Tayler. She's really good at it. She flops to the ground like a rag doll and Jayson scrambles over to climb on top of her.

Tayler even dresses up like princess "Aurora" (Sleeping Beauty) to get into character. (Coincidently, I usually dress up like a lazy dad, who comes home ready to veg for the night and watch a Disney movie he's being roped into seeing for the fiftieth time. It really helps me get into character. I believe thespians call this "method acting").

When Rylee got home, she raced upstairs to dress up in her Sleeping Beauty dress, and then hurried down for the grand finale.
In an effort to make sure everyone would be in character for the end of the show, I asked Jess to get in her Sleeping Beauty dress, but she said she was too tired...In short, everything wrapped up with a familiar ending and everyone went to bed content to live "happily ever after".



Jess said...

shot, where did I put my sleeping beauty dress? I do need to break that bad boy out and see if it still fits!

What a good daddy you are!

Steve and Jenny Moore said...

Very's amazing to think if Sleeping Beauty with all the violence, witchcraft, etc etc!!
You're a good daddy...Steve can also sing Once Upon a Dream very well as it was Emmy's favorite!! You two should perform a duet for us!!!