Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rylee's Date Night

A week's gone by and Rylee keeps asking about her date night with Jess. Well at first she asked about it, now she is trying to use more subtle tactics.
Sitting here eating lunch with her. Dino-nuggets (dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets).
Rylee is playing with two nuggets.
One dino-nugget says to the other (while walking along the edge of Rylee's plate, "Let's pretend we are going on a date night bowling".
Keep pretending Rylee.
(I think Jess is waiting for Rylee to be good for a couple of days to earn a night out.)

Maybe Rylee has decided it's just easier (or more fun) to pretend about date night than be "a good girl" for two days in a row.

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