Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Still getting to know this little guy. Not even a nickname yet.
I do know he is the happiest little boy I have ever seen.
He is so content. Only cries when we take him out of the swing.
Pretty determined to get things he wants, when he wants them.
Loves to help mom with the dishes, cooking, and everything else.
Definitely a momma's boy.
Doesn't really crawl any more. He bear crawls. Looks like he's prepping for football two-a-days.
Loves to giggle and laugh with whoever will play with him. Ticklish everywhere.


Jess said...

Wow babe- 4 posts all at once? You really out did yourself! Nice work. We think you are tops!

SeeTheSunshine said...

That little Jayson is so cute! Why does he keep growing! Man, kids these days!