Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Lil' Tay

Just a few thoughts about my Lil' Tay.
She has always been my biggest helper. Since she could walk she has been out in the yard with me, digging, mowing, planting, and cleaning up after Rylee.
She is such a sweetheart. Always looking after the best interests of her siblings.
At random times she will tell me she loves me and give me a huge hug--sometimes two or three.
She loves when we are together as a family and hates when we are apart.
She loves Princesses, climbing, running, dancing, soccer, and teasing. She loves to play jokes on the rest of us. Her laugh and giggle brighten my day. I love you Tay!

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SeeTheSunshine said...

What fun thoughts on Tay!