Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Rylee Pot Pie

My Rylee Pot Pie--
Oh, where to begin. Not sure whether we should really call her "Naughty Pot Pie".
She can be the sweetest, cutest, best cuddler in the world.
Or she can be a terror. Yep, in the picture above she is sassing me.
She knows when she is being naughty--whenever she is caught in the act, she puts herself in time out. Saves an aweful lot of time."I go timeout" she says as she runs into her place on the living room sofa.
She has such a sweet heart. She also knows just how to tilt her head and smile sweetly. Makes daddy's heart melt. Saves her from a lot of time out too.

1 comment:

SeeTheSunshine said...

Ahh, Rylee. It's funny when she's not yours!