Saturday, June 28, 2008

Boys Night Out

Jayson and I had our first ever Boys Night Out tonight. Hard to believe it's the first time he and I have ever been solo for a night on the town.
I could tell by the way he extended his nap time that he was gearing up for a wild ride. Jessica got him dressed and I did his hair.

At 5:45 I packed him into his carseat in the back of my car along with the Saturday night man-bag (Monday thru Friday--and Sunday from 1-4 pm--it doubles as a diaper bag) Jess loaded up for us.
At 6:00 we waited for Jess at a local fastfood joint (she called and said I forgot the map and parking instructions and the stop was on her way).

At 6:05 I felt Jayson reach for me from his car seat in the back. He was laughing and dangling out of his car seat. It took me a minute to realize he was actually OUT OF HIS CARSEAT. No wonder he was laughing. I had belted the car seat to the backseat of the car, but never secured my little buddy into his car seat. Nice move on my part. Rookie mistake. One more mistake like that and Jess will put the kibosh on Boys Nights Out.

At 6:10 we were back on the road, map in hand.
At 6:20 we were getting off the Kaysville exit for a quick U-turn back to Clearfield to get the stroller I forgot. That could have made for a long evening and sore arms.
At 6:30 we were leaving the Clearfield Stake Carnival with the stroller we retrieved from the back of Jess' Yukon.
Only 45 minutes behind schedule.

The Arts Festival provided some of the best people-watching we had ever experienced. Jayson caught the eye of several ladies and one friendly Artisan gentleman we met in the elevator.

By 7:30 we were seated on the lawn facing the Park Stage watching Atherton's opening song.
The music was superb. The keyboard player/backup vocalist was definitely on his game. (Nice Job Brian!)
The louder the music, the harder Jayson danced (well, bounced) and flailed his arms. For a moment I thought he was going to start a mosh pit.

But instead, a creepy couple started slow-dancing right in front of the stage. I covered Jayson's eyes as the tattooed gentleman in the bandana slid his partner's fanny pack and moved his hand in position for a "rear-end assault". Some of the crowed groaned, others egged him on. Jayson tried to remove my hand from over his eyes.

During the next fast song, an old man set down his beer and began to girate in front of the crowd--picking up the supplemental entertainment right where the creepy couple left off. Some bands travel with back up dancers in revealing attire. Atherton apparently travels with these three. Every good band needs their own niche. "Gene Gene the Dancing Machine" (as he informed the young ladies on the front row) taught us many interesting dance moves--a few of them seemed rather suggestive.
Jayson flailed his arms and took bites of his chocolate muffin.
I had an epiphany of what I want to do when I turn 65. I am pretty sure I could make an excellent dancing Roadie for Atherton. If I started practicing now, I might even have enough moves by age 65 to perform without needing the beer.

The band finished strong. Particularly the aforementioned keyboard player/backup vocalist. The folks from Insurance came out in droves to support their compadre. Nice job.

Jayson was wound up. After all, he had rocked out hard for most of the peformance. He started to entertain the couple next to us by "bear crawling" rapidly in a circle. He flirted with some ladies. They passed him around. I was proud to be his wingman. He played hard to get by frequently returning to his wingman and burying his head in my shoulder.

On the way home Jayson was hungry. I stopped and got him some fries from McDonalds--his favorite snack. He was pounding them down as we drove through Davis County. Must have worked up quite an appetite with all that arm flailing and grass picking during the concert.
"How's my boy?"
He smiled and chuckled.
"I had a good time with you tonight buddy".
"Did you have fun with Daddy?"
'Sounds like you had a good time too' I thought. "We should do it again. Motley Crue comes to town the end of July--you up for it?" As I revelled in the proud father-son bonding moment we were sharing, I was interrupted by an emphatic statement from my little buddy.
I glanced over and saw his outstretched hand waving frantically in my direction.
He just wanted another fry.

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Steve and Jenny Moore said...

Watch out Dave come Sean Dunroe! I'll be proud to say that you are not only my Bro-In Law but I've been reading your blog and laughing for months before your big break comes!!
You're a great writer Sean!!
Sounds like a great evening with Jayson.