Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Life Lessons Learned Next to the Porcelain Throne

So Jayson went potty, all by himself, for the first time.
He couldn't have been more excited about it.
He and I clapped and clapped, and cheered and cheered.

He then went upstairs to explain to his mom how it all happened and even how it all works (for a boy).
I heard them clap and clap, and cheer and cheer.

It's funny how exciting a small little victory can be to a two year old. But perhaps more important, this little episode reminded me how a little positive affirmation from a loved one can go a long way.

Hopefully Jess will read this blog.

I can already picture how things will evolve around the Dunroe household.
"Sean--you took out the garbage all by yourself! Great job!"
"Thanks Hon for taking your dish to the sink! You are such a big boy!"
"Oh my gosh! You hung up your clothes (instead of laying them across the back of the recliner)!"
Then we'll clap and clap, and cheer and cheer.

(Who knows, I may even do it next time without being asked.)


Jess said...

I would cheer and clap (LOTS) for any of those things! (just kidding babe, you do those things once in a while ;) Next time I'll make it a bigger deal. I may even do a jump (well in the state I'm in probably not!)

Jenny Moore said...

You may be on to something Sean!!

Thanks for your posts, they always make me smile!