Monday, December 28, 2009

Majority Rules

When it comes to planning family activities, we tend to run a democracy at the Dunroe house. We also vote on politically sensitive issues. For example: Sitting at the dinner table the Sunday before Christmas, "Who thinks Rylee has made it off of Santa's naughty list?" The majority at the table (meaning the kids, minus Jess and I) raise their hands high and proclaim, "I do", "I do", "I do". At that time, Jessica and I remained undecided and didn't declare a vote.

Or, "Who thinks Jayson better finish his dinner or he won't play a game with us?" Unanimous response, even from Jayson (who votes in the affirmative no matter what). "I do!", five hands raised high.

On Christmas night, with nothing planned, we decided to vote on activities. "Who wants to go to a movie". Three votes for (guess which three), with the corresponding "I do's".

The movie didn't start until 9:30, so we had a dinner choice to make. Denny's or IHOP?
IHOP won out because Jess' vote counts for about 15 when she renders a "where should we go for dinner" opinion.

Near the end of dinner, there was a vote that I didn't call for.
Jayson was happily leaning back in his high chair, head hanging down behind the chair, prattling cheerfully to himself. Then he suddenly proclaims "Who thinks daddy's stupid?" To which he quickly answers, with his hand raised high, "I do!"

Unfortunately for me, three other hands shot up and Rylee burst out with the giggles.


Jenny Moore said...

Thanks for my daily chuckle!
Got to love the mouths of children, they need a sensor on them!!
Lyssa told me the other day as she was brushing my hair..."ew mom, your hair is turning yucky brown". Got to love them!!
So did Rylee make it off the naughty list only to be replaced by Jayson?!!

Maria said...

I love your fam. You are all so funny!

Jess said...

That was funny! He is so random. I am glad you are finally realizing that my vote does count for about 15 votes :)

Love ya!

Ash and Brent said...

It was pretty funny watching Jayson re-live that night. I don't think you're stupid ...